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Kellogg's Company of Artillery

Kellogg's Company of Artillery is a family oriented group of War of 1812 reenactors that are based in the Albany, New York area. We are an affiliate of both 2nd Albany County Militia (which is our Revolutionary War reenactment group) and Schuyler's Company of New York Provincials (which is our French and Indian reenactment group). We attend events throughout the Northeast United States and into the Ontario and Quebec Provinces of Canada.

Membership in Kellogg's is open to persons of all ages (those under the age of 18 whose parent(s) or guardian(s) are not members must be sponsored by an adult member of the unit). We welcome anyone who is interested in recreating the history of America during the early 1800's. We are a family oriented unit that does not discriminate against people based on their sex, race, religion or creed. Anyone between the ages of 16 and 18 must obtain the written permission of a parent or guardian if they wish to field with a musket. Those under the age of 16 are barred from fielding with a musket, though anyone under the age of 18 is welcome to join and portray a civilian impression. The members of our unit portray militia men, campfollowers and towns folk. The impression you choose is up to you.

Kellogg's is set up as a not-for-profit corporation under New York State law (the same corporation as our French and Indian War alter-ego unit Schuyler's Company and Revolutionary War alter-ego unit 2nd Albany) are . Please read our organization's incorporation papers and bylaws for details.

Those thinking of joining our family are encouraged to meet us at an event and get to know us. If you are thinking of joining, you may attend up to three events before you make a final decision. Yearly dues are $15 per individual or $25 for a family ($5 for students who are no longer covered under a family membership) and are due by April 1st. The yearly dues members pay helps the unit defray the costs of insurance, postage and unit equipment.

For those just starting out, we can help with your impression by loaning you clothing and accoutrements until you can obtain them yourself. Please visit our clothing and accoutrement page or consult with members of the unit before purchasing anything. Not all items sold by sutlers are appropriate for our townsperson/militia/campfollower impression, and some are just not correct for our era. We would hate to see you spend your hard earned dollars on purchasing or making incorrect items. We have been there and wasted our money and would like to spare you the expense and frustration.

Please read over the information on this site. If you are interested in or thinking of joining us, please contact John Osinski or stop by any event on our events list and talk to us in person. We enjoy meeting new people who share our interests and hope that you will consider joining our family.

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